N°3 – Kassav’, 1981

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The graphic design of Kassav’ n°3, released in 1981, may well be divisive, even if it is largely inspired by the two Soucougnan titles, which is at least an explanation if not unanimous. Let’s add the choice of font, which may also provoke discussion. In short, after the iconic photos of Volumes 1 and 2, Kassav’ No. 3 is a little out of place on the cover. The band is still experimenting, and not just with the music. When it comes to the music, however, there’s no debate: Jacob is at the top of his game. The zouk is there, with its touches of funk, its Afro sounds – Douglas Mbida’s keyboard – and on a few tracks, Kassav’ veers towards reggae and even electro-dub experimentation! And look out for Jean-Paul Pognon on vocals alongside Jean-Philippe Marthély on a few tracks.

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