Zouké Light – Volt Face, 1993

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🎺🎷👯‍♂️⚡💃🇱🇨 In 1993, Volt Face continued their road to success with Zouké Light. The all-star band, led by Kathryn Thelamon, Georges Décimus and Jeff Joseph, released this third album on Hibiscus Records, and boasted a cast to die for. Alongside the leaders, and without being exhaustive, we find Allen Hoist, Michel Alibo, Daniel Kissoun, Serge Alidor, Dominique Bérose, the brass of Jacques Bolognesi, Philippe Slominski or Glenn Ferris, and even Nguyên Lê… The zouk is energetic, Volt Face’s trademark, and a little detour with ragga accents recalls Jeff Joseph’s Gramacks foundation. The title track, along with An Bon Moman, would feature prominently two years later on the double live album that would establish the band’s reputation once and for all. Go zouk!

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