Dalva – Roger Raspail, 2017


In 2017, Roger Raspail finally published a follow-up to Fanny’s Dream, released twenty years earlier. Dalva was released on the Heavenly Sweetness label, on which the percussionist from Capesterre Belle-Eau rallied all the faithful who had crossed paths with him or accompanied him over the years. And there are many of them! Here’s a sneak preview: Alain Jean-Marie, Anthony Joseph, Vincent Segal, Jacob Desvarieux, Patrice Caratini, Florian Pelissier, Patrick Marie-Magdelaine, Mike Clinton, Pierre Chabrèle, Alfred Rosane Gatibelza, Sylvain Padra, Valérie Belinga, Nicole Wagner Dit Reinhardt, Dao Adélaïde… Here we are.

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